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Welcome to the way of healing podcast

Join OJ and Kasey for their weekly podcast as they converse with people from around the globe about their journeys into healing arts and their passion for doing what they do.

Well-being and health is a dynamic journey. Our goal is to represent a wide range of modalities with varied origins. Explore with us!


"Thank you Kasey & OJ for having this idea and taking action on it. The interviews are both informative and inspiring. Listening to the podcast has become a favorite past time for me; it revives and replenishes my mind and soul to hear practitioners share their healing journeys and modalities for self care and care of others. Thank you, thank you. "

Los Angeles, California

Don't Miss an episode!

Every Tuesday we release a brand new episode. If you'd like us to send you the episode directly, let us know here!

About us and our podcast

As experienced healers in our own right, we developed the podcast as a way to continue learning, growing, and sharing, both within and outside the healing community.

There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to the healing experience.  Everyone is on their own remarkable journey, and we are here to bring to light the different avenues for health and wellness.

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