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Meet your hosts: OJ and Kasey

We are here to expand the possibilities of finding health and healing.
Join OJ and Kasey for their weekly podcast as they have conversations with people from around the world about their journey into the healing arts and their passion for helping others heal.

About Kasey

Kasey has been curious about wellness and one's internal landscape since she was a young child in the backyard of her suburban home in NJ. At 18 she moved to New Orleans, a unique backyard of its own with much bigger bugs and more live jazz than the northeast. At 20 she traveled to West Africa, living in Ghana for a semester, and the bugs got bigger still. The moral of the story–the bigger the bugs, the more to learn.

Kasey has been on a quest for connecting one's experience to the natural laws that govern those of us living on planet Earth. She is fascinated by language, love, and celestial design.

About OJ

As far back as he can remember, OJ used to always dream about being a hero and helping people.  After years at a sales job, OJ took a leap of faith and jumped into the world of wellness where he became a yoga instructor. With the desire to do more and inspiration from his grandmother who was also a healer, OJ decided to take another leap of faith, and jump into the world of healing.

Now, OJ wants to take his reach even further and touch, move, and inspire human beings all around the world to reconnect with their own powerful intuition.

Our Mission

Our passion is to connect with others, or, at least, provide a platform for people to let down their guard and experience themselves more deeply. In considering our own purpose in this lifetime, these two questions arise: What can we be for people? How can we be that for the most people?
The goal of this podcast is to share information and stories, something of which may resonate with you, the listener.  It may be a word, a moment, or the space between the words. It may be nothing now, and something later. Whatever it is, follow the connections. Follow the heart-opening. Follow whatever feels right for you, right now.

What to expect from The Way of Healing Podcast

Expert interviews will be posted once a week.

  • Publishes at 2am Pacific time every Tuesday
  • Available on iTunes and Google music
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