Anna Diorio – Coach, MC, Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter

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Anna Diorio is a coach, MC, rapper, singer, and songwriter. Her album, Inner Grounds, was released in 2019. Originally from New Jersey, her own path of healing has led her to be more of who she is on a soul level. It helped her find a truer version of herself. She is now helping others transform and live truer to who they really are.

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1:12 Who is Anna?
2:06 “Inner Grounds is my first album. I am an MC, Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, and I started as a jazz singer…I like to say I have roots in jazz, and branches in hip-hop.”
3:45 “I feel like my future self came into my body and wrote these songs, and rapped and sang these songs, and ever since then I’ve just been catching up with her.”
6:07 “Writing rhymes and freestyling came to me as part of the healing journey. So that was definitely a moment of reclaiming my voice, my expression. I didn’t always know that I was going to do it, but I think I always did want to do it, because I knew I had something to express in a way that was bigger than the normal, everyday way.”
7:39 Anna’s work
10:32 Transition to healing as a career path
11:57 This world shifts the more people we have owning, claiming, living their purpose
17:30 Moving out of a scarcity mindset
24:05 Inner-child work
33:00 Shamanic drum journeys
50:45 Anna shares a beautiful flow

Instagram: @iamannadiorio

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