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Ana Yadzi – Journey to Breast friend

Ana Yazdi is a wellness practitioner who has been on an extraordinary healing journey herself. She saw her mother through breast cancer and then she developed breast cancer at 39 years old. Out of this experience came deep understanding and wisdom, and her brand Apotheka5 was born. Tune in to hear the wisdom she shares and to learn more about her brand, her beliefs and her homemade balm called Breast Friend Salve!


[7:14] Ana’s life changing diagnosis.
[8:09] Taking an alternative route
[9:10] Conversations with cancer
[11:53] The importance of emotional work
[15:04] Loving your body
[20:02] immune systems and diminished resilience
[26:30] There’s much more than Western Medicine
[28:00] Our consciousness is evolving
[29:00] Not shaming ourselves
[31:48] Being present with your day
[35:17] Ana’s approach to deep work
[35:44] Ana’s morning breathwork ritual
[38:20] Working with the Amp-Coil
[46:00] Protecting yourself from other people’s energy
[52:23] Empathy with doctors
Instagram: @Apotheka

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