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Expanding Consciousness 2 | OJ and Kasey

Kasey recently returned from a weeklong retreat in Cyprus. The neighbors of Next Level Holistic Healing make stellar pie, and your body is your spacesuit. Lots of interesting topics covered in this episode with OJ & Kasey including grounding and collective consciousness. This month marks a year since they had their first discussions about breathing life into this podcast. 


[02:48] Next Level Holistic Healing Update
[03:43] Running a marathon in under two hours
[05:23] Kasey’s Cyprus trip
[08:57] Integrating things learned into everyday life
[14:23] Everyone should travel
[18:58] What does OJ do to stay grounded?
[19:43] The significance of footwear
[21:29] The spacesuit analogy
[24:08] Healthy is normal
[24:46] Kasey’s grounding experience


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