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Expanding Consciousness 4 | with OJ and Kasey

Collective Consciousness 4

Back around the kitchen table, OJ and Kasey catch up one another on their goings-on and talk the foundation of safety, falling asleep, and longer hugs. Tune in to hear about this plus self-massage, Cyprus retreats, and emptying the mind. 

0:46 Ice Bath at Next Level Holistic Healing “The ice looked nice”

2:59 Cyprus Retreats 2020

3:20 WOH 2 Week Hiatus


7:01 We Create Habits and Ways of Being As Children 

9:01 Holding Space

9:23 Falling Asleep And Letting Go

10:30 The Importance of Getting Bodywork

14:02 Two or More People Together 

15:30 Hugs 

19:02 Self-Massage

22:12 Come With An Empty Cup

23:08 Why The Feet

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