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Kasey and OJ – Expanding Consciouness 1

We have begun recording at OJ’s new space, Next Level Holistic Healing in Santa Monica! Join us as we talk compression pants, essential oils, and our vision for The Way of Healing podcast.

[00:45] NEW SPACE! Next Level Holistic Healing
-two saunas
-cold plunge
-compression pants
[3:21] The more sensitive we get, the more in tune with our bodies we get, the more our body lets us know when we’re making precarious choices.
[7:23] God is Science is God is Science is God is Science.
[8:39] Neti Pot
[12:40] This podcast is taking us in the direction of our dreams.
[13:31] How Animals (Including Humans!) Release Tension
[17:11] Vision for WOH
[20:53] Peppermint essential oil
[22:30] Glandular Health
[23:27] Let your body breathe. The skin is the biggest organ in the body.
[23:46] Know your ingredients.
[24:08] Essential Oils and Their Benefits
[24:49] Bleach and Its Effects
[26:15] Science is Nature is Science

Click here to watch us on YouTube!

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