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Ryan Hodge – Educator, Coach, and Manual Therapist

Ryan’s journey into health and wellness began with a desire to be a better version of himself. His background as an athlete and degree in nutrition fueled his interest for optimizing human potential. His experience working with coaches, doctors, and professional athletes and his experience with his own healing has given him a unique, holistic view of the human body. He uses his position as a strength coach, movement therapist, and health and wellness coach to help people connect to their physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Watch on YouTube: WOH on YouTube

Instagram: @drh.kinection

[7:30] Toolbox for Self-Care
[9:54]We Have Needs as Mammals
[15:13] Getting Worse Before It Gets Better
[21:08] Reiki and Other Energetic Work
[23:33] Ryan’s Journey
[32:45] From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be
[34:27] Upper Limiting Oneself
[38:25] Fear is real.
[39:25] Safe vs. Not Safe
[43:25] Posture and Personality
[48:50] Shifting the Paradigm
[50:05] Greater Awareness Leads to Greater Tenderness
[50:50] Feldenkrais and Neuro-Developmental Sequencing
[54:25] How Quickly We Evolve


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