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The Science of Touch | Eddie Ulm

Science of Touch, Eddie Ulm’s business name and Instagram handle, is chockfull of interesting studies, diagrams, and data relating the body and the brain. He is an integrative manual therapist with a BS in Kinesiology and is a certified massage therapist. He is also a Kinesiology teacher at the esteemed massage school in Culver City, CA, IPSB at Life Energy Institute. Tune in to learn about the natural and important twists and turns of life, Big T vs. Little t trauma, and Psychophysiology.

Instagram: @scienceoftouch

[1:08] 😉 All the twists and turns are okay
[3:31] Moving to Bali
[5:46] The Practice Bali Yoga Studio and School
[6:45] The Importance of Breath
[8:50] Eddie’s Work
[10:03] Driving Is A Resilience Event
[11:20] Pairing Breath and Bodywork
[11:30] Stressed vs. Stressed Out
[12:04] How A Disregulated Nervous System Affects Your Life
[13:00] Psychophysiology
[14:00] Eddie’s Process- Understanding Nerve Signals, Reading Reflexes in Real Time
[15:01] Breath- The Conscious and Subconscious Process
[17:40] Descartes Made A Critical Error
[18:05] Kasey’s Session With Eddie
[20:18] The Arms and The Legs
[21:30] SWIHA- Southwest Institute Of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ
[21:56] The Art of Instagram
[26:07] Manual Therapy and Physical Therapy
[27:33] Energetics
[29:45] Healing Trauma
[30:42] Peter Levine, Polyvagal, and Psychophysiology
[30:58] Trauma Informed Movement and the Tiered Nervous System
[32:17] Thomas Hanna Somatics
[33:24] Stephen Porges and Three Parts of Our Nervous System
[37:07] Purpose and Intention for Eddie’s Work
[37:51] Education as the Most Valuable Currency
[40:34] Holistic Nerdout 2020
[41:22] The Need for Both Flexibility And Strength
[43:06] Bodywork Plus Reprogramming Lifestyle Choices
[43:51] Kinstretch
[48:05] Creating Systems for the Things You Want
[50:24] Nurturing Resilience, Thomas Hübl, Peter Levine

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