Nadya Nova – Dissolving the Layers with Aquanimity

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Nadya is the creator and founder of Aquanimity – a water based healing modality that combines energy work, sound healing, massage, and stretching. Sessions are done while being supported in 96-degree water where clients can expect to be feel held, cradled, and supported. The goal of a session is to evoke a sense of timelessness so that clients can have time for themselves. Time to unravel the layers of what they’re holding on to and look deeper at what’s behind the pain.
1:00 What is Aquanimity?
3:30 Feeling held
6:00 The process of Aquanimity
9:30 Finding what’s behind that pain
10:30 A constantly evolving modality
14:28 The advantage of water work
17:45 Aquanimity vs Watsu
23:20 Transitioning into healing work
25:25 Incorporating crystals
30:40 Healing from water trauma
37:00 It’s about feeling safe
Instagram: @aquanimity_by_nadya_nova

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