Teaching Sustainability and Regenerative Wellness | with Mayra McCullough

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Mayra Gonzalez McCullough wears many hats. She is the founder of C2E, or Coach 2 Edify, a non-profit that believes in regenerative wellness and its impact through the medium of educational content. The organization’s mission is one in which “content and media encourages us to be better humans.” Mayra is also the owner and host of EcoVilla, an urban sanctuary offering guests the opportunity to thrive in an sustainably-minded property located in Woodland Hills, CA. Mayra’s wellness background includes personal training and she continues to offer holistic fitness to clients. She is a mother of two, a widow, and a powerhouse of love and creativity. She is this and so much more!


00:45 B-roll of Eco-Villa
02:28 What is Eco-Villa?
04:27 Giving her children tools that school wasn’t providing
06:27 Transition to a personal trainer
08:47 Ego-centered fitness
09:37 Inspiration to leave the gym
11:00 Finding different avenues of expression
11:56 Body-integration specialist
12:27 Coach2edify Non-profit
12:38 Exploring co-creation
15:47 Recommendations to transition out of a corporate setting
18:47 How Airbnb changed her financial situation
20:52 Trusting spirit
21:27 Eco-Villa Puerto Rico
23:08 Change of paradigm in business
24:37 The concept of Eco-Villas audio
28:00 Sustainability and regenerative wellness
29:24 Gently transitioning to an Eco-Villa
32:02 Description of Mayra’s Eco-Villa
33:45 Inspiring people to create their own practice of self-care


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