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As a former yoga instructor and mixed martial arts fighter, I have a unique understanding of the human body and how to help it perform at its highest potential.  My passion for the human body was discovered when I started doing yoga at 18 years old.  Eventually, that passion and a desire to help others led me to becoming a yoga instructor, but after 4 years, I realized that I wanted to help people on a deeper level. This led me to a career in bodywork and massage where I worked for 3 years in a postural alignment clinic that combined the philosophies of chiropractic, massage therapy, physical therapy, personal training, nutrition, and other modalities to create a one-stop-shop for allowing the human body space to heal itself. To deepen my understanding of the human experience, I attended Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing, a holistic massage school, in Culver City where I learned energetic techniques including acupressure, polarity therapy, and craniosacral therapy. I also practice and teach Calligraphy yoga, a hybrid movement practice combining Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, and Chinese calligraphy, as a way of cultivating and maintaining energy flow throughout the entire body. 

Everything in the human body is connected. While most doctors, therapists, and healers look to relieve and treat symptoms, I'm looking to create perfect health in the human body.  Deep tissue, Myofascial, and Energy work are used to open the body in a way that creates proper nerve and nutrient flow. This, in turn, helps relieve pain, tension, stress, and creates a feeling of being grounded back into one's body.  Zone Therapy is used to balance the body in a way that puts the body in auto-pilot healing mode.  The body has the innate ability to heal itself, and by balancing the body, we enable the innate to do what it's designed to do. Pain, injury, sickness, and disease can all be replaced with PERFECT HEALTH.

Next Level Holistic Healing
3303 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405

Zone Balancing - $95 for 30 minutes

Full Body and Zone Balancing - $175 for 75 minutes

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